Piglets - Baby Room

At Pooh Corner our youngest group of children are our babies; who are all affectionately known as the Piglets and can join us from the age of around 6 weeks. In order to accommodate such a delicate and precious age group we have a dedicated baby room, specially designed and equipped with their very specific needs in mind.

You will find that the Piglet staff work very closely with you the parents, and that the full and part-time register is designed so that as a standard policy we always have a high and constant ratio of staff to babies (1:3) .

On joining Piglets, every baby receives their Personal Communication Book, in which we write notes and professional comments about your baby's daily routine, the activities they have taken part in and a synopsis about their day.

We share in your concerns over the differences that may occur between home and nursery life; as such we try to create a 'home from home' environment in order to minimise any disruption to your baby's routine. It is therefore important that we work together as partners to provide continuity between your home and life at the nursery.

The Piglets can enjoy a wide variety of equipment, all of which have been designed to encourage their development and stimulate both mental and physical growth. Items include: the baby bouncer, play gyms, and ball pond, all of which are firm favourites, along with the many musical toys.