Our Teddies group is the first step-up from Piglets (the baby room), and is designed especially for children up until they are almost 18 months old.

The Teddies staff work closely with the Piglet staff during the transition into this group, and subsequently also with Tigger staff once they are ready to move on. Both full and part-time sessions are available, register permitting.

The Teddies have an environment and routine that is created to encourage their social skills with one another, helping them to become more mobile i.e. walking, and also more vocal as language development at this stage is very important.

In Teddies, staff place more of an emphasis on different types of play including: lots of messy play such as painting, musical play, heuristic play and physical play. It is through these alternative activities that the children undertake that learning is encouraged in a fun way.

A typical day in the Teddies:
Start Finish Activity
8am 8.20am Greeting and free play
8.30am 8.50am Morning snack break
9am 10.45am Floor toys and TV time/nappies
11am 11.30am Lunch time
11.45am 1.45pm Sleep time
2pm 2.20pm Afternoon snack break
2.20pm 3.20pm Afternoon activities
3.30pm 4pm Light afternoon tea
4pm 4.20pm Free play and TV time/nappies
4.20pm 5pm Continue free play and bottles
5pm 5.45pm Outdoor play or quite time